Afghan and Indian oriental rug cleaning & repair for a client in Essex

In early 2023 we cleaned and repaired 4 oriental rugs for a lady Oncologist in Essex. While not antique, they were all handwoven, highly decorative rugs that play an important role in the interior design of the client's home. Each was in need of care & maintenance to ensure they remain in tip-top condition until eventually they become antiques themselves.

Fin Indian Tabriz rug after cleaning

Indian Tabriz Rug

Not to be confused with Iran Tabriz

Afghan Khazak Rug

Afghan Khazak silk rug after cleaning & repair

Afghan Khazak Silk Baccara Rug

Afghan Silk Khazak Rug (Mirror Design)

All 4 rugs were thoroughly cleaned and moth-treated before repair work began

All rug cleaning begins with dry vibration to extract accumulated dirt hidden deep within the fibres that can cause damage to the pile. Next they are soaked before either and-washing or power-washing using a gentle shampoo, paying attention to heavily stained areas, then rinsed to remove all remaining traces of grime, contaminants and cleaning product. Excess water is removed and moth protection applied, before allowing rugs to dry naturally.

For this client, all 4 rugs were cleaned and moth-treated before repair work began. By carefully assessing each carpet before and after cleaning and during the repair and restoration work processs, we can maintain our high standards and guarantee the best results for each rug. The Indian Tabriz rug did not need any repairs—only cleaning. The video shows the Tabriz rug being power-washed.

Why cleaning precedes rug repair

If a rug is repaired before cleaning, dirt and other contaminants in the rug may be sealed in, making it harder to remove them afterwards during the washing process. A clean Persian rug will show any damage or wear more clearly, making it easier for the specialist repairer to identify and address the issues.

The 3 Afghan + 1 Indian Tabriz rug needed specialist rug repair work

  • Afghan Khazak Rug: after cleaning pet urine stains we repaired the original fringe stopping stitch to stop it unravelling and repaired side binding / selvedges.
  • Afghan Khazak Silk Mirror Design Rug: after cleaning we repaired and replaced missing sections of fringe, plus rewhipped/repaired side edges binding.
  • Afghan Khazak Silk Baccara Rug: after cleaning & moth-treating we repaired moth damage near the fringe, plus repaired frayed edge binding both sides.
  • Indian Tabriz Rug: after cleaning we rewhipped both side edges and repaired moth damage involving reweaving the base and retufting the pile.

In the Workshop

Afgan Mirror Design Silk Rug Fringe Repair

Hole Repair

Fringe Repair

Afghanistan east of Iran —home of the Afghan rug

About Afghan Kazak Rugs

Handwoven Afghan Kazak rugs are one of the most popular and highly sought-after types of traditional rugs. Known for their rich colors, bold designs, and exceptional durability, they are an excellent choice for both decorative and functional purposes. Among the different styles of Afghan Kazak rugs, the Baccara or Buchara style Kazak rugs are particularly notable for their intricate patterns and unique blend of tribal and geometric motifs.

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