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As purveyors of fine rugs and experts in the field, we are delighted to present a wealth of information to help you understand and appreciate the world of Persian rugs. Whether you are a seasoned collector, an interior design enthusiast, or simply curious about these remarkable creations, we aim to provide valuable insights and guidance. From the historical origins and buying tips to cleaning and maintenance, we aim to be your go-to resource for all things related to Persian rugs.

Here's what our Persian Rug Guide will cover

1. History of Persian Rugs
2 Buying Persian Rugs
3. Rug Cleaning & Maintenance
4. Rug Styles & Trends
5. The Persian Rug Industry

By delving into the history of Persian and oriental rugs and carpets, guiding you through the process of buying, enlightening you on proper cleaning and maintenance, exploring various styles and trends, and generally shedding light on the exciting world of rugs, our aim is to become your go-to source of both interesting and helpful content on to broad topic of Persian rugs (and carpets).

Why? Because we believe that by sharing our expertise and passion for Persian rugs, we can inspire you to embrace the beauty of these magnificent creations and make informed decisions when it comes to collecting, caring for, and incorporating them into your living spaces.

As you will appreciate, such an extensive topic requires time and dedication to cover in its entirety, so we have divided each section into ‘bite-size’ chunks that you can either read in order from start to finish, or dip into in any order, depending on where your interest lies.

The History of Persian Rugs

Starting with the history of Persian rugs as the foundation of our content framework, we explore the origins, development, and significance of Persian rugs, including cultural influences and notable periods.

Buying Persian Rugs

Next we guide users through the process of buying Persian rugs, covering topics such as understanding rug qualities, identifying authentic rugs, assessing value, and choosing the right rug for different spaces. Include tips on evaluating rug materials, knots, designs, and reputable sources for purchasing


Rug Cleaning & Maintenance

Comprehensive guidance on how to clean, maintain, and care for Persian rugs. We provide insights on proper cleaning techniques, recommended tools, frequency of maintenance, and addressing common issues like stains, pet hair, and moth damage. As you would expect, we emphasise the importance of professional cleaning for delicate rugs.

Rug Styles & Trends

We explore the various styles, patterns, and motifs found in Persian rugs, highlighting popular designs and trends while also delving into the cultural and regional influences behind them. This is also where we showcase the diversity of Persian rug styles as interior design ideas and inspiration for incorporating Persian rugs in your own home.

The Persian Rug Industry

Here we provide further insight into the Persian rug industry, including sections on rug restoration, appraisal, sales, and design, along with details about the required skills, training, and potential paths for individuals interested in pursuing a career in this field.

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