Persian carpet restoration for a client in Cheltenham Gloucestershire

In 2022/2023 we undertook the restoration of a large (24ft x 12ft approx) fine antique Dorokhsh Khoradan Persian Carpet handwoven in the 19th Century in the Khorasan Province of North East Iran. A family heirloom, this valuable antique rug had suffered significant wear & tear from a combination of daily use and less-than-perfect care & maintenance over many years.

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How our Persian rug repair experts gave this antique carpet a new lease of life

All rugs we work on are individually assessed and treated appropriately—from the cleaning method to the approach to (and extent of) repairs and restoration possible—given the age, type, fibres, dyes used, knots, condition and value of the rug we are dealing with. By carefully assessing each carpet before and after cleaning, plus as restoration work progresses, we can maintain our high standards and guarantee the best results for each rug.

A Persian rug should always be cleaned before it’s repaired, because a clean rug will show any damage or wear more clearly, making it easier for the specialist repairer to identify and address the issues. As expected, due to the age and condition of this carpet it was not until it had been properly washed & dried before the full extent of the damage became apparent—an expert assessment of the issues + a cost estimate for repair could be provided.

Why rug cleaning should precede rug repair

We always clean old rugs before repairs are carried out, because, if a rug is repaired before cleaning, dirt and other contaminants in the rug may be sealed in, making it harder to remove them afterwards during the washing process.

Thorough cleaning is the first step in the rug restoration process

This particular carpet required two rounds of cleaning before repairs and restoration work to bring it back to life could begin—a process that took many weeks to complete due to the high level of care this irreplaceable and valuable item deserved. First, it was dry cleaned with a vibration machine to extract years of accumulated dirt hidden deep within the fibres, causing damage to the pile.

Next, it was hand-washed using a gentle shampoo, paying attention to heavily stained areas and rinsed to wash away decades of grime. A second wash process using a power-washing machine, followed by a final thorough rinse removed all remaining traces of grime, contaminants and cleaning product to reveal the rug’s original colour vibrancy. Excess water was removed, moth protection was applied, and the rug was allowed to dry naturally.

Specialist rug repair and restoration work begins

It was not until the carpet was clean that the full extent of the damage became apparent. It’s another reason why we always clean old rugs so a proper assessment of condition can be made and an estimate provided for the work involved before repair work is begun.

We advised our client that a lot of work was required to repair moth damage, threadbare areas, frayed side edges, damaged fringes and restore faded colour. Being a family heirloom with associated special memories the client was keen for us to go ahead with the repair and restoration work required.

Colour Restoration

Restoration Work

  • Two rounds of rug-washing
  • Reweaving threadbare areas
  • Repairing / re-stitching holes
  • Repairing moth-damaged areas
  • Colour restoration of faded areas
  • Rebinding frayed side selvedges
  • Repairing damaged end fringes

Fringe Repair

Dorokhsh in Korasan Iran

About Dorokhsh Carpets

Dorokhsh Carpets are produced in the Dorokhsh hills in the Qanat region northeast of Birjand in Khorasan Province Iran. Antique Dorokhsh carpets can often be of substantial size, as is the case with this client’s carpet. Colours tend to be subtle, making them suitable for interior design, since subdued colour rugs in large sizes are perfect for decorating better homes.

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