A large Tabriz carpet in pale cream and apricot shades with a central medallion motif

The highly detailed outer borders of this superb Persian rug incorporate muted pale blue-grey tones for a sophisticated contrast to the apricot motifs. The precision of the border patterns demonstrate the remarkable skill of the Tabriz weavers and their attention to detail. Measuring 305×250 cm, this Tabriz rug would suit a larger living space, such as a living room or a grand foyer, where it could serve as the focal point of the interior decor.

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Tabriz Persian Rug

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Tabriz rugs come from East Azerbaijan Province in northwestern Iran

Tabriz rugs and carpets are recognised for their diverse patterns, ranging from medallion designs to figural, pictorial, and even 3D shapes. The weaving of a Tabriz rug is an intricate process performed by skilled artisans, and the high knot density of these rugs contributes to their durability and the clarity of their designs.

Tabriz iran map
Tabriz rug bazaar

Tabriz Bazaar, once a major Silk Road market for Persian carpets

Typically, Tabriz rugs are crafted from high-quality materials such as fine wool, cotton, or silk, with the most luxurious pieces featuring silk foundations and wool or silk piles. The high knot count and quality materials used in Tabriz rugs make them not only beautiful works of art but also durable pieces that can last for generations, making them ideal for both practical use and aesthetic appeal in a home.

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Persian Rug Cleaning

To preserve your Persian rug's intricate details and rich colors, periodic professional cleaning is essential. This process goes beyond what regular vacuuming can achieve by protecting the rug fibers from damage caused by hidden dust and sharp grit, ensuring that your rug maintains its exquisite beauty for many years.

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Persian Rug Repair

Persian rug repair and restoration, encompassing meticulous fringe and side repairs, treatment and mending of moth damage, and comprehensive restoration from water and fire damage, ensures the revival and preservation of your cherished rug, safeguarding its artistic integrity and extending its lifespan for future generations to cherish.

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