A large fine Indo-Persian large carpet on a white ground with highly detailed pattern

Adorned with highly detailed Indian/Ottoman patterns in pale blue, gold, and peach shades set against a pale cream ground, this large carpet is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Two finely detailed borders elegantly frame the inner main section, highlighting the meticulous artistry and color harmony. Measuring 374cm x 251cm, this carpet would suit a spacious living room, foyer, or a formal dining room, serving as a stunning centerpiece, enhancing the luxury and elegance of the interior décor.

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Fine Indo-Persian carpet

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Mogul Emperor Akbar brought Persian carpet weaving to India in 1520AD

A lover of Persian carpets, Emperor Akbar brought weavers from Persia to create Kirman, Kashan, Isfahan and Herat inspired rugs for his palace in Agra. He laid the foundation of Indian carpet weaving with centers in Agra, Delhi and Lahore where they created Indo-Persian style Moghul/Mogul carpets, inspired by Ottoman design.

Indo-Persian map
Indo-Persian Agra palace rug

Indo-Persian carpet weaving is a distinctive blend of 2 cultures

The overall design of Indo-Persian (Mughal) rugs is typically characterised by a blend of Persian motifs and Indian aesthetics, drawing inspiration from both cultures to create their distinctive style. Made with densely woven high-quality materials, Indo Persian rugs are known for their hardwearing nature. While they can withstand regular use, placement in low-traffic areas or under furniture that is not frequently moved can help preserve their beauty and delicate coloration for many years.

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Persian Rug Cleaning

To preserve your Persian rug's intricate details and rich colors, periodic professional cleaning is essential. This process goes beyond what regular vacuuming can achieve by protecting the rug fibers from damage caused by hidden dust and sharp grit, ensuring that your rug maintains its exquisite beauty for many years.

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Persian Rug Repair

Persian rug repair and restoration, encompassing meticulous fringe and side repairs, treatment and mending of moth damage, and comprehensive restoration from water and fire damage, ensures the revival and preservation of your cherished rug, safeguarding its artistic integrity and extending its lifespan for future generations to cherish.

Rug Repair