A classic Turkman Bokhara rug in a rich red, adorned with a central repeating ‘Guls’ or 'Elephants Foot' pattern

The outer geometric patterns typically feature octagonal and diagnonal shapes, with the inclusion of lighter red and cream highlights that add dimension and contrast to the central design, making the intricate patterns stand out. Measuring 320cm x207cm this large carpet would be suitable for spacious living room, a dining room, or a large hallway, where it can serve as a striking centrepiece.

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Turkman Bokhara Persian Rug

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Turkman Bokhara tribal rugs originate from Turkmenistan & Afghanistan

Turkman Bokhara rugs are traditional handwoven carpets originate from the Turkmen tribes in Central Asia, now parts of modern-day Turkmenistan and Afghanistan in Iran. These rugs are renowned for their deep, rich reds and distinctive repeating patterns, called ‘Guls’, a traditional Turkmen term for a flower, sometimes called the ‘elepants foot’ design in the rug trade to describe certain types of Gul motifs.

Turkmenistan and Ifghanistan Iran map
Turkmen near Bairam Al circa 1905

Nomadic Turkomen pictured in 1905 with a rug eerily like ours!

A few centuries back, almost all Turkmen rugs were produced by nomadic tribes almost entirely with locally obtained materials, wool from the herds and vegetable dyes, or other natural dyes from the land. They used geometrical designs that varied from tribe to tribe. Irregularities, considered part of the charm by many rug collectors were fairly common since natural materials varied from batch to batch and woollen warp or weft may stretch, especially on a loom that is regularly folded up for transport and set up anew at another camp.

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Persian Rug Cleaning

To preserve your Persian rug's intricate details and rich colors, periodic professional cleaning is essential. This process goes beyond what regular vacuuming can achieve by protecting the rug fibers from damage caused by hidden dust and sharp grit, ensuring that your rug maintains its exquisite beauty for many years.

Rug Cleaning

Persian Rug Repair

Persian rug repair and restoration, encompassing meticulous fringe and side repairs, treatment and mending of moth damage, and comprehensive restoration from water and fire damage, ensures the revival and preservation of your cherished rug, safeguarding its artistic integrity and extending its lifespan for future generations to cherish.

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