An Afghan Kilim featuring geometric patterns on a cream background with a palette of blue and peach hues

These colours of this Kilim add warmth and sophistication to the geometric motifs, which are emblematic of the rich storytelling tradition in Afghan culture. Measuring 236×172 cm, this Kilim would fit well in a variety of settings such as a living room under a coffee table, in a dining area, or as a statement piece in an entryway. It could serve both a functional and decorative purpose, adding a touch of artisanal charm and warmth to a room.

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Afghan Kilims are traditionally crafted by the nomadic tribes of Afghanistan

Kilims are a flat-weave rug hand-crafted by nomadic Afghans. Unlike pile rugs, they are made by tightly interweaving warp and weft yarn strands, to create a flat surface. They are typically made from wool, dyed using natural vegetable dyes, resulting in vibrant colours. Kilim-making is a time-honored craft passed down through generations, with each weave reflecting the artistry and cultural heritage each tribe.

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Tribal rug making

Kilims are hardwearing due to the tight weaving technique.

While Kilims are durable, the lack of a pile means they are thinner and may require a rug pad to prevent slipping. They are suitable for high-traffic areas and are relatively easy to clean and maintain. However, as with any handcrafted textile, care should be taken to avoid excessive wear and tear to preserve the vividness of its colors and the integrity of the weave.

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Persian Rug Cleaning

To preserve your Persian rug's intricate details and rich colors, periodic professional cleaning is essential. This process goes beyond what regular vacuuming can achieve by protecting the rug fibers from damage caused by hidden dust and sharp grit, ensuring that your rug maintains its exquisite beauty for many years.

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Persian Rug Repair

Persian rug repair and restoration, encompassing meticulous fringe and side repairs, treatment and mending of moth damage, and comprehensive restoration from water and fire damage, ensures the revival and preservation of your cherished rug, safeguarding its artistic integrity and extending its lifespan for future generations to cherish.

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